IFA 2012: Haier show off wild TV tech including transparent screens and eye-controlled sets

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haier-vision-control-1346161694.gifMore inspired takes on TV tech coming out of the Haier stable at this year’s IFA 2012 conference, following an interesting showing from the brand earlier in the year at CES 2012. Are you ready for eye-controlled and transparent television sets?

Well that’s what Haier have on show at their IFA 2012 stand. First up, the transparent television set. A 46-incher, it’s being aimed towards business and retail markets, and features a touchscreen display compatible with six simultaneous points of contact. It’s still very much prototype technology, but expect to see these built into window displays of the future down at your local shopping centre.

Then there’s the eye controlled set, which places a Kinect-like sensor in front of where you sit to view your TV, tracking movements and blinks to control things such as channel selection, volume control and muting options. Simply focus your eye over select sections of the screen, and perform an exaggerated blink to activate them. It sounds similar to the Tobii EyeAsteroids game we tried out late last year, which worked surprisingly well, making this a great accessibility set should it ever hit the market. The screen also has 3D gesture controls for remote-free control of the set too, as well as nine-axis gyroscope, presumably to aid the set-up of portrait orientations in retail environments.

As well as these innovations, Haier are also showcasing a 55-inch glasses-free LED set with 28 different viewing angles, and a 55-inch 3D LED Ultra High Definition set.

Haier certainly look set on pushing home cinema boundaries this year. We’ll be going hands (and eyes!) on with their TV tech later this week, and will be bringing back a full report for your pleasure.

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Gerald Lynch
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