IFA 2012: Sony show off with 84-inch 4K Bravia KD-84X9005 TV

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sony-84-4k.jpgWe’d heard rumours of an 80-inch 4K HDTV from Sony going into IFA 2012, but the Japanese tech tycoons have gone one better by delivering an 84-inch beast.

The 4K Bravia KD-84X9005 was revealed today, apparently drawing gasps from crowds and being compared to a “Chevy Suburban” by an eagle-eyed IGN journo who noted it’s actually wider than the car.

While being lust-worthy for its almost-4-times-sharper-than-full-HD definition (3840 x 2160), Sony are also trying to combat the age-old flatscreen audio problem by offering two side-mounted speakers for the set. Together, these house ten speakers, creating a virtual 5.1 surround sound field. Anyone with the cash to drop on this set though, as well as the space to house it, will presumably already have a high-end surround sound set-up anyway though.

That 84-inch size has practical applications beyond simple bragging rights too. At that high a definition, size counts if the human eye wants to be able to appreciate 4K resolutions at a comfortable viewing distance.

4K is set to be the true successor to HDTV’s throne after the lacklustre response to 3DTV. With Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4 console rumoured to support 4K resolutions, gamers may want to get in on the action here early, though they’ll be expected to need a five-figure sum if they want this particular set when it lands by the end of the year.

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