Windows 8 upgrade pricing revealed

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windows-8-screen.jpgMicrosoft have announced the upgrade pricing structure for their forthcoming Windows 8 operating system, and it’s not all that expensive. Those looking to jump from Windows XP, Vista of Windows 7 can get the next-gen OS for just $39.99 (£25.50).

As you’d expect, there are a few catches however. The deal only applies to upgrades, naturally, but also only to purchases made online. A fresh install is possible instead of clunky in-place upgrades, while you’ll also be given the opportunity to save and back-up an existing Windows install prior to the installation of Windows 8. Though the wording is slightly vague, it also seems that the upgrade can be burnt to a disc image, ready for a fresh install if that’s better suited to your needs.

If you’re rocking a slightly aged machine, Microsoft will run a test for your system to see if it’s up to scratch before purchase, letting you save some dough before upgrading to an unusable OS.

If you insist on being sent out a physical copy, that’ll cost for $15 for just the DVD, and $69.99 (£44.64) for all the boxed, retail trimmings.

The upgrade package bags you Windows 8 Pro, the highest consumer version of the OS, which sweetens the deal. It offers remote desktop server management and BitLocker drive encryption, among other pro-level features.

One final caveat however; the deal only runs until January 2013. With Windows 8 expected to launch in October, that means you’ll have to become an early adopter to snap up the deal, which will include inevitable early bugs too.

For more info, check out the Windows Team blog.

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