Amazon snap up 3D mapping software for next-gen Kindle Fire tablet

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amazon-kindle-fire-tablet.jpgAmazon have bought 3D mapping specialist start-up UpNext, suggesting that the next generation of their Kindle Fire tablet could have a native mapping and navigation app.

UpNext specialise in fully 3D maps, letting users check topography and landmarks, checking out 3D cities and locations not just from a birds eye view, but also from angles that reveal height and depth. It is not yet known how much Amazon paid for the service.

The original Kindle Fire, still absent form UK shelves, currently relies on third-party Android apps to deliver mapping and navigation features, or browser based web solutions. It is expected that the Kindle Fire 2, through the UpNext deal, will land with a whole suite of own-branded navigation and turn-by-turn apps.

If we’re lucky, we may even get it in the UK…

Via: GigaOm

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