One handed texting to get easier with Windows Phone 8 curved keyboard?

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windows-phone-arched-keyboard.jpgA leaked image has popped up online today that could prove interesting for those like to try their hand (note the singluar) at mobile texting.

Windows Phone 8 may be about to get a special curved keyboard setting that will make it easier to tap away when you’ve only got a single thumb available. Reportedly taken from a Microsoft Research presentation, the image shows an arched keyboard being used on a HTC Trophy handset.

It’s not just western keyboards getting the feature too by all accounts, with a Korean design also being shown off, showing Microsoft’s commitment to Windows 8 as a worldwide offering.

Standard features like predictive text, based on your most regularly used words and phrases, will also feature, with the arched keyboard potentially getting its first airing with the release of Windows Phone 7.8

Would you like to give Microsoft’s rumoured one-handed typing system a go? Or does it look a little awkward? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Gerald Lynch
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