What the hell is the Nokia Lumia Dogphone?

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nokia-lumia-900-cyan.jpgFollowing on from the recently uncovered Nokia Lumia 1001 codename, another handful of mysterious mobile codenames have popped up online from the Finnish phone manufacturer. While the likes of the Fluid, Phi and P4301 are familiarly cryptic stuff, there’s also mention of the Nokia Lumia Dogphone.

What the hell is that?

Popping up in developer logs nabbed by the WPDang blog in China, it’s sparked plenty of debate online.

Expected to be a Windows Phone 8 device, humorous suggestions have been that it’s a phone intended only to be audible to dogs, or aimed at dyed-in-the-wool cockneys who insist on calling their mobile phones the “dog and bone”.

What’s more likely however is a Windows 8 device sporting Nokia’s exciting PureView technology. Indeed, Nokia have recently suggested that the impressive camera tech would be rolling out to a wider range of handsets very soon, but that still wouldn’t account for the canine connection.

Nokia have had well documented problems of late, but their Lumia range has been a refreshingly positive direction for their smartphone arm. They’d be wasted on dogs, surely?! They don’t even have thumbs. Can you lick a touchscreen to navigate a smartphone? Is tongue-compatibility an as-yet undisclosed feature of Windows 8 mobile??? We can only hope.

Gerald Lynch
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