Megaupload's Kim Dotcom's trial postponed until March 2013, 13 months after arrest.


Kim Dotcom.jpgKim Dotcom, 38, founded the popular file-sharing website Megaupload back in 2005 and was an internet success, reaching an outstanding 50 million hits daily. This was of course until January this year, when he was arrested in his mansion in Auckland, New Zealand.

His release on bail in February meant that the trial was scheduled for August 6th, but a number of legal complications meant that the date had to be brought forward, to March 2013.

Dotcom, the former No.1 Call of Duty  – Modern Warfare 3 player, tweeted earlier this morning:

“Extradition hearing delayed til March. Dirty delay tactics by the US. They destroyed my business. Took all my assets. Time does the rest.”

By his assets, he means his Rolls Royce, numerous Mercedes-Benz cars, cash, and many guns.

His lawyer, Ira Rothkin, claims that “Dotcom is looking forward to his day in court, to present his side of the story“.

Dylan Burns
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