Kickstarter heading to the UK

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kickstarter-thumb.pngKickstarter, the site where aspiring entrepreneurs can tout their wares on the internet in the hopes of having their ideas and inventions “crowd-funded” by web users, is set to build upon its US successes by expanding its operations to the UK.

Until now, the service has bee limited to US-registered products, but come this Autumn the service will open its doors to buisnesses and individuals looking to promote and gain funding for their ideas and products in the UK too.

“People in the UK will be able to launch projects on Kickstarter starting this autumn. More info soon!” read a tweet from the official Kickstarter Twitter account.

Launching in 2009, the service has helped fund more than 20,000 projects, with many receiving more than 1 million dollar’s worth of pledges from generous netizens.

As well as providing an excellent showcase space for inventors and developers, Kickstarter is proving particularly useful to musicians and game designers. Former Dresden Dolls singer Amanda Palmer broke all previous Kickstarter music funding records, with her fans helping her raise $1,000,000 for new album Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra, while forthcoming games like Double Fine Adventure, Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns and a Carmageddon sequel have been entirely funded by Kickstarter pledges.

For many aspiring inventors and creatives, Kickstarter offers an opportunity to build funding for their projects, but maintain independence from the rigours that large scale investment can bring.

Gerald Lynch
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