Metal Gear Solid 4 will receive trophy support this August – four years after its initial release.

Playstation 3

Wallpaper-Metal-Gear-Solid-4-Guns-Of-The-Patriots-05.jpgMetal Gear Solid is one of Konami’s most successful series of game since its release in 1987, and director Hideo Kojima has said that Metal Gear Solid 4 (previously released in 2008) will receive trophy support this August for the PlayStation3.

Trophy support is being added to a ‘PlayStation 3 The Best’ budget version of the MGS4 which is being released in Japan, however if you already own the popular stealth game you’ll be able to download a patch which will entitle you to receive the trophy support.

Kojima has also said he will make an ‘announcement’ at the special 25th anniversary in Tokyo on August 30th. This announcement is apparently related to the vision he’s previously shared about a game that connects people, but no other information has been given.

Many MGS fans await the patch for the trophies, and a race for getting the platinum trophy first is going to be tough.

No specific date has been released for the patch.

Dylan Burns
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