Google+ arrives in the App Store for iPad.


Google+ is now available for download from the App Store on the iPad. The new app comes with larger images, sharper text and a number of interactive abilities.

Announced at Google I/O San Francisco, California, the popular social media site received a lot of requests for Google+ on the iPad.
Google+ V3.0 will also be available for download on the iPhone. V3.0 also supports Google + Events, a handy little tool which helps keep images and posts around a certain event together.

Google assured users that they created the app with “the iPad in mind”, and as a result have added a few fancy little features unique to the iPad.

You can now drag a post from your own stream to easily re-share it, ‘pinching’ a post allows you to efficiently add comments and start a “hangout” to stream it to a live TV using AirPlay.

Dylan Burns
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