Kindle Fire 1 IS coming to the UK, or so say Currys experts

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amazon-kindle-fire-tablet.jpgThough hitting stateside stores back in November of last year, Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet has still yet to make an appearance in the UK, leading many to believe that, with its successor the Kindle Fire 2 expected to be revealed in the coming months, it would skip our shores altogether.

That’s not necessarily the case though. Tech Digest popped along down to the Currys/PC World Christmas in July event yesterday, where the high-street retailers were touting their Christmas wares.

Among the usual array of tablets and laptops was a Kindle Fire tablet, and when we questioned the Currys team at the event about its presence, they stated that they indeed did still expect the device to land in the UK. Though none were keen to state release or pricing specifics, the consensus was that a late Autumn launch window is still on the cards.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet sold incredibly well in the US. Running a highly customised version of Android, the 7-inch device landed at a very competitive price point at around $199, with some believing that Amazon sell the hardware at a loss, making up the difference through their paid-for content delivery platforms. It’s a successful approach that Google now seem keen to imitate with their similarly priced Nexus 7 tablet.

However, with so many analysts believing that a souped-up second version of the Amazon tablet is on its way, wouldn’t we rather hold out for one of those instead? If it became a toss up between a near year-old Kindle Fire and a few extra weeks wait for its successor, we’re fairly certain on which we’d prefer.

Gerald Lynch
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