Samsung Galaxy Note II to land in October?

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samsung-galaxy-note-mid.jpgGiant phone? Tiny tablet? The Samsung Galaxy Note had us all scratching our heads when it launched at the tail end of last year, but it certainly struck a chord with consumers, with Samsung selling over 7 million of the devices.

As you’d expect, Samsung now look set to deliver a follow-up by October, and the rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note II sound very intriguing indeed.

Just like the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Note II is expected to run off a quad-core Exynos processor, bumping up the camera’s megapixel count to 12 and improving on the build quality overall.

Most interesting of all though are the reports claiming that the device will feature a flexible, unbreakable display. What’s more, the screen may be even bigger than its 5.3 inch predecessors’, further blurring the lines between smartphone and tablet. As a result, the device may even undergo a name change, dropping the “Note” branding altogether.

Time to invest in some bigger pockets, we think.

Via: The Verge

Gerald Lynch
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