"Samsung Facebook" rumour silenced by Sammy

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Samsung_logo-300x300.jpgRemember yesterday’s wild rumour that Samsung were planning to put together their own Facebook-rivalling social network? An idea we thought was so ludicrous that we thought the top brass at Samsung must have gone a little cray-cray? Well, it’s been confirmed by Samsung themselves to be very much just a rumour.

Calling it a “groundless” report, Samsung have been quick to distance themselves from the fishy “Samsung Facebook” project codename, and point to the ready availability of their own Family Story instead.

“‘Family Story’ has been available since February 2012 on Samsung Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and the web,” reads the Samsung statement.

“This service, like its name, is a family-oriented convergence service that focuses on sharing and storing families’ special moments.

“It is true that we currently are working on upgrading ‘Family Story’ as we always thrive to provide consumers with enhanced experiences, but this is far from a ‘Samsung Faceboook’ as some are claiming it to be.”

Hardly surprising really, although now that the record’s been straightened out, we’re kinda disappointed that Samsung haven’t gone a bit mad and thrown their R&D teams at a social network. It would have given us something to write about for months.

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Gerald Lynch
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