Microsoft to reveal their own Windows 8 tablet on Monday?

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ballmer-tablet.jpgThey’ve been a hell of a long time coming, but rumour has it that Monday will see Microsoft reveal the first commercially available Windows 8 tablet to come out of their stable.

Steve Ballmer’s Redmond crew are to deliver a “major announcement” next week, and many are now expecting it to be a Microsoft-built tablet.

With no word coming out of Microsoft’s zipped lips, we’ve only got speculation to go on here, but it seems as if Microsoft are looking to compete against the iPad with a number of different models, undercutting the efforts already made by third-party manufacturers by delivering their own certified device first.

It’s possible the slate will be running the ARM optimized Windows RT, or maybe even the full x86 version of Windows 8. It could well even be both, spread across a whole line of Microsoft slates.

We’ll keep you posted on Monday when the announcement should shed some light on Microsoft’s plans.

Via: AllThingsD / The Wrap

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