Dropbox add automatic photo uploads to iPhone, iPad and iPod apps

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dropbox-photos.jpgWe all use Dropbox these days, right? Cloud storage is the way to go if you want to de-clutter your computer or share files across multiple machines, but can’t be bothered shelling out for a pricey external hard drive, and Dropbox is still the best offering, thanks to many of its features being free.

Best of all, it syncs across all your devices, be they computers, tablets or phones.

For the past few months, when it comes to the mobile app version of Dropbox, the Android version has been far and away the superior edition. That’s because with the Android version, any snaps you shot with your phone’s camera are automatically backed up and sent to your computer via the Dropbox app, without you having to do a single thing. It’s a really cool feature, and spares me loads of time digging around for a transfer cable pretty much every day.

Dropbox are today putting the iOS iPod, iPad and iPhone apps on a level footing with their Android counterpart, updating the iOS app to version 1.5, adding the same automatic uploading that Android users have enjoyed for months in the process.

Carried out over Wi-Fi or 3G, depending on your preference, you can snap away, safe in the knowledge that your images will be synced to any device with your Dropbox account attached to it.

Those who opt in to use the new feature will also get an extra 3GB of cloud storage space for free, dished out in 500MB increments as you need it.

Lastly, the update also removes file size limitations when uploading from a mobile Apple device. All good stuff, no?

Gerald Lynch
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