Half Life 3: New, old concept art gives a glimpse at what may come

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half-life-3-conceptDo you have a pinch of salt to hand? You may need them for what we’re about to show you. Apparently, Half Life fan site ValveTime have got their mitts on newly uncovered concept art for the Half Life series.

Described as from “circa 2008”, it may be newly uncovered, but not necessarily new work, leading the site to say it may be concept art from the long-awaited, but seemingly canned Half Life 2: Episode 3.

Though the art is from an anonymous visitor from an unnamed source, there are plenty of details which suggest their legitimacy; the downed chopper from Episode 2, a Combine advisor and the chilly setting all make sense. ValveTime also usually add a disclaimer if they’re unsure of the legitimacy of their sources, but have not done so this time.

With Half Life 2: Episode 3 now seemingly set to become simply Half Life 3, we may well be looking at ideas set for inclusion in the sequel to what many consider the best game of all time.

Make up your own mind. Scroll down to see all the pics for yourself, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

Gerald Lynch
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