TalkTalk turn on X-rated web content blocker

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TalkTalkAd1.jpgInternet service provider TalkTalk has today switched on their new porn-filtering system, meaning that all new customers to their service will have to specifically request access to X-rated, adult content.

By default, TalkTalk’s HomeSafe filter will automatically block access to any website that features pornography, gambling, violence and drug-use, meaning that any new TalkTalk users who require access to such content will first have to “opt-in” through a highly embarrassing call to customer services.

Customers will also have to reconfirm their opt-in choice once a year, just to rub salt in the wounds.

However, TalkTalk see the move as merely a pre-emptive one, believing that the governments plans to use ISP filters as default will come around sooner rather than later.

Some industry experts see the move as just a few short steps short of censorship.

“We welcome a consultation but default filternets are awful,” said Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group.

“They block a wide range of innocent material; and nobody should be advocating broader and simpler censorship.”

Via: Metro

Gerald Lynch
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