Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM leaked and ready for testing


The ROM for Samsung’s soon-to-be-released Galaxy S3 Android wonderphone has been leaked online, meaning that those with a penchant for fiddling about under the bonnet of their Google-powered handsets can pop it into their phones and give it a test run.

Those who have rooted their Android phones can use the ROM to add new Samsung Galaxy S3 functionality like S Voice, Pop-up Play and Smart Stay on their devices.

Pop-up Play allows you to drag a floating, pop-out video across any other app you may be using simultaneously, while Smart Stay manages the auto-time out of your screen by tracking your eyes and switching off when you’re not engaged with the device.

S-Voice (available as a separate download from the full ROM) is Samsung’s answer to Siri. It’s a voice activated personal assistant that lets you search the web, set reminders and take notes, just by speaking to the phone.

A few notes before starting though. Firstly, the full ROM download is a hefty one at 800MB, so make sure you’re grabbing it over Wi-Fi with some storage space clear on your device. Secondly, you’re likely going to have to wait for a custom ROM to be released for your device before getting it to work properly. Older Galaxy handsets should work fine right now, and eventually all Ice Cream Sandwich-powered Android devices should work.

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Via: Android Police

Gerald Lynch


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