iPhone FaceTime over 3G hinted at with iOS 5.1.1

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facetime-3g-ios-511-alert.pngNew evidence has come to light suggesting that Apple’s FaceTime video calling app may soon work over 3G on iPhones and iPads.

FaceTime can currently only be used over a Wi-Fi connection, likely as it would put a strain on cellular networks and a user’s data plan. But warning message found in iOS 5.1.1 now suggests Apple is ready to enable FaceTime calls over 3G, and likely LTE too.

The team over at Russian Blog iDevice found the possible new feature, stating that the warning message appears when trying to switch off 3G connectivity.They describe the finding as follows:

Being called by someone, although I was connected to a 3G data network, when I tried to close the 3G connection I was greeted by the message of the picture (above .ed). Normally you should not be called if I was connected to the 3G, but the call originated to me did not stop, but I just got the iPhone warning I missed a call FaceTime.

Though the feature is easily switched on if you’ve the guts to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, at the very least this shows the Apple are toying with the idea of FaceTime over 3G. It’ll be a nice treat to go along with any eventual launch of an iPhone 5 device, we reckon.

Gerald Lynch
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