iPhone 5 ready for June, claims Foxconn employee

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foxconn-employees.jpgApple’s iPhone 5 may have just had its release date slipped early by an employee at Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturing plant that builds many of Apple’s core hardware products.

The Foxconn recruiter, speaking during a TV interview, stated that the factory was looking to employ an additional 18,000 workers “for the fifth-generation phone,” stating specifically that it would release in June.

Barring the October release of the iPhone 4S late last year, a June release would be in keeping with Apple’s prior annual summer iPhone refresh schedule. With many viewing the iPhone 4S as a stepping-stone release for the popular smartphone brand, it’s not impossible that Apple are looking to bring the next generation edition out less than a year after its predecessor.

The employee however didn’t give any new information on what to expect from the phone, missing the opportunity to add to rumours including a 4.6-inch screen and 3D camera support.

Of course, stick a national news camera in front of any unwitting fellow and their tongue will usually run faster than their brain can keep up. It could be the Foxconn employee was just getting a bit excited and putting together his own predictions.

Still, if there’s anyone likely to know the iPhone 5 schedule, it’d be the workers putting the devices together. This rumour might have more wieght than we’d usually give it credit for.

Via: Electronista

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