VIDEO: Halo 4 first-look trailer revealed

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The Master Chief is back! Halo 4 has broken cover with a” first look” video featuring in-game footage of the latest entry in the veritable Xbox and Xbox 360 first person shooter franchise.

The first game in the franchise to not be made by series creators Bungie, the reigns have been handed over to 343 Industries. And while everything from the in-game assets to the sound effects and score are being overhauled, the core shooting action of Halo promises to remain unchanged.

“We’re not pressing reset on the story or resetting the state of the universe,” says creative director Josh Holmes.

“This is a very deliberate continuation of events that have transpired in Halo 1, 2, and 3. It connects directly to the events at the end of Halo 3.”

Though much of the video focusses on multiplayer content headed to Halo 4 (all new maps, not cribbed from the single-player campaign, will feature), the video did hint at a greater focus on story and more dynamic set pieces and combat.

“As gamers and players we missed Master Chief and really wanted to explore the next chapter in his story,” said 343 Industries’ producer Kiki Wolfkill, who sports possibly the world’s coolest name.

“We had two goals: providing a very visceral first person experience and to think about what it means as a player to embody the Chief and to deliver on that fantasy of being a 900 pound Spartan.

“The second goal revolved around story-telling and character development. There’s such a rich fiction around Master Chief that exists in other mediums that haven’t traditionally been experienced through the game.”

Hit the video above to grab a first look.

Gerald Lynch
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