iPad 3 rumour touts quad-core and LTE specs

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iPad2-official-9.jpegReady for some more iPad 3 rumour-goodness? Of course you are! BGR are the latest gang claiming to have been made privy to details concerning the latest Apple tablet’s innards, and if they’ve got their facts straight it makes for some very exciting news.

Getting their info from a source that claims to have actually gotten its mitts onto a prototype iPad 3, the source claims that the next-gen slate will have LTE connectivity and a quad-core processor.

Posting screenshots from a debug tool called iBoot, the source also reveals two model numbers J1 and J2, or iPad3,1 and iPad3,2 as they’ve been listed elsewhere. These likely correspond to the Wi-Fi only version of the tablet and the GSM/CDMA/LTE variant too.

Some processor model number juggling also seemingly confirms the quad-core update; Apple’s A4 chip is called the S5L8930X and the A5 is the S5L8940X. The protype is said to sport a S5L8945X, which is now thought to be the model number of the quad-core A6 processor.

Calling it “the fastest iOS device ever”, Apple better hope the rest of the world see the iPad 3 as positively; Samsung are apparently preparing to launch some very tasty tablets of their own at this month’s MWC 2012 show.

Gerald Lynch
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