BT plan roll out of 300Mbps broadband service


fibre optics thumb.jpgBT has held successful trials of “FTTP on demand” broadband, which they state “has the potential to transform the UK broadband landscape” thanks to its maximum 300Mps download speeds.

Trialled in St Agnes, Cornwall, the new BT fibre optic system makes use of fibre that’s already been deployed between exchanges and street cabinets, allowing for far speedier uploads and downloads.

“FTTP on demand is a significant development for Broadband Britain”, said BT’s Openreach chief executive Olivia Garfield.

“Essentially, it could make our fastest speeds available wherever we deploy fibre. This will be welcome news for small businesses who may wish to benefit from the competitive advantage that such speeds provide.”

BT now plans on conducting more trials across the country this summer before a full commercial launch in the Spring of 2013.

BT have also revealed that they plan to double current fastest download speed service from 40Mbps to 80Mbps in the next few months, with two thirds of BT customers having access to the improved service by 2014.

Gerald Lynch
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