CES 2012: LG's EM960V 55-inch OLED TV to hit UK in 2nd half of 2012

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lg-55in-oled-tv.jpgLG have been pushing OLED hard for a good few years now, and year-on-year they’re rolling out impressive demo models at consumer tech shows. Sadly, we’re not seeing any OLED’s up for for sale down our local AV emporiums, but finally home cinema enthusiasts have something to look forward to.

Officially revealed at today’s CES 2012 LG press conference, the South Korean tech giant’s have announced that their 55-inch EM960V OLED TV will be hitting the UK in the 2nd half of this year.

Offering superb viewing angles and flicker/cross-talk free 3D viewing, the EM960V looks a sight to behold. It’ll also come packing a new Magic Remote model, with gesture and voice controls, as well as built-in Wi-Fi for Smart TV features and a Freeview HD tuner.

Stephen Gater, Consumer Electronics Marketing Director, said: “Driving technological innovation with premium quality is at the heart of everything we do at LG. Unveiling the world’s largest OLED TV today is just one example of our commitment to be the first-to-market leaders in our field.

“LG is globally recognised for its cutting-edge technologies. We’re excited about our line-up this year – our premium range of new stylish TVs offers a true statement of style that people will be proud of having as the hub of their home.”

All that’s left to wait for now is the price, which we totally expect to be heart-attack inducing.

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Gerald Lynch
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