1.33 million eReaders received in Britian during the "Kindle Christmas"

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amazon-kindle-touch-views.jpgAn estimated 1.33 million eReaders were unwrapped on Christmas Day in Britain this past holiday period, according to new research that’s dubbed Santa’s season the “Kindle Christmas”.

According to YouGov’s Technology and Telecoms analysts, 1 in 40 adults received an eReader for Christmas (or bought one for themselves), with 92% of the devices being of Amazon’s Kindle brand.

Despite the digital jump, the gift recieving demographics seem to fall in line with regular book buying habits, with 61% of Kinde’s received by women, and over 55 year olds twice as likely as 18-24 year olds to receive one.

“This is finally the year when the late-medieval technology of the printing press was challenged by a 21st Century, digital alternative” said Marek Vaygelt, Head of Technology and Telecoms Consulting at YouGov.

“Amazon has done a remarkable job of selling the benefits of e-readers and the upside for the publishing industry is that it appears e-reader owners, at least in the early days, buy more e-books than the printed books they purchased before acquiring an e-reader.”

Tablet sales were also strong, with the YouGov findings estimating some 640,000 slates given as gift. Of that figure, 72% were Apple iPads, 60% of which were given to women.

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  • Not surprising when you consider the Kindles $199 price tag. Apple’s least expensive iPad is $499. The Kindle gives you a great deal for $199, including crisp color screen, a dual-core processor, an Android-based operating system. The fact that it can run pandora was reason enough for me to buy one. The Nook Color is also pretty solid. I would recommend looking at some reviews. http://hudsonmonk.com has some good write ups.

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