Behringer packing a megaton of beats into gigantic iNuke Boom iPod dock

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behringer-inuke.jpg8 foot wide, 4 foot tall and with no number of words enough to describe it, feast your eyes on the Behringer iNuke Boom.

The world’s largest iPhone, iPod and iPad dock (not counting the iPad-only, 11ft AeroDream from electronic music legend Jean Michel Jarre) this speaker giant blasts out 10,000 watts of power, weighs 700 pounds, and will make your wallet $30,000 lighter.

Making its debut at CES in Las Vegas next January, the iNuke Boom will lead the charge of Behringer’s new Eurosound home audio brand, into which the company will be launching 50 new products.

The new range will be split into four departments; “Live” for amplification devices, “Portable” for on-to-go speakers, docks and the like, “Creation” for kit to help you make tunes and “Home” for, well, home audio stuff (duh!) like large fixed speakers of the iNuke Boom variety.

It also reminds me of the £2750 Brother’s Wall of Sound, which we saw way back in 2009, giving our eardrums just enough time to recover for the onslaught the Behringer boombox promises.

We’ll be headed over the pond to Las Vegas in January, ear-plugs in hand ready to give the iNuke Boom a listen, so check back after Christmas for our hands-on thoughts.

Gerald Lynch
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