Ryan Air planning smartphone in-air entertainment App

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In flight movies really are quite rubbish a lot of the time, even flying first class you are stuck with some awful Eddy Murphy flick where he is dressed in different fat suits playing different characters, budget airline Ryan Air plans to change this.

The airline plan to launch an in-air application for smart phones and tablet devices and the customer will pay a little bit extra and be able to access a lot of different entertainment channels. These include gambling, playing online games, TV channels including some adult channels.

Chairman Michael O’Leary talked about the plans for the pay to view channels, ‘Hotels around the world have it so why shouldn’t we?’ One reason would be that in a hotel room you are plenty of privacy not stuck in a metal tube with 200 other people shooting through the sky at 300 mph.

Ryan Air bosses said it could take up to a year for plans to progress while they find a strong enough Wifi signal for their planes. Nothing has been confirmed yet but this is one of those innovations that you hope doesn’t make it in the world of technology. Wifi on planes, yes please. Watching porn on a plane, no thanks.


Greg Collins
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