Modern Warfare 3 best deals: Online and on the High Street

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So as you may have heard today is the big day in gaming with the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 online and in stores. If you didn’t want to brave the cold and rain last night here is a comprehensive guide of where to get your Modern Warfare fix today.

(All prices are for standard edition Xbox 360 and PS3 copies and are accurate at time of publishing)

On the high street:

Top of the list this year, as with last years release of Modern Warfare 2 are the supermarkets. Im sure a lot of people have learnt from experience so it may be a struggle to get a copy at some of these retailers so be fast!

Sainsburys: £35.99
ASDA: £38.97
Tesco: £39.90

Following them up are your gaming stores where you are going to have to shell out a bit more.

HMV: £42.90
BlockBuster: £44.99
Argos: £44.99
Game: £44.99
Gamestation: £44.99
Currys: £44.99
Cex: £45

As you can see there is really no room for maneuver if you are planning to pick up a copy on your way to work, full price all the way. If however you are willing to wait a few days for shipping then you may save yourself a few quid here and there.


The Game £39.99 (free shipping)
HMV: £42.90 (free shipping)
Ebuyer: £43.98 (£4.61 shipping)
Amazon: £38.91 (free shipping)
Zavvi: £42.85 (free shipping)
Play: £42.89 (free shipping)
eCrater: 35.70 (£3.00 shipping) £49.99 (free shipping) £46.07 (free shipping)

Best Buy have a rather interesting offer, as of 11am they will be selling 500 copies of each platform for £27.99 but once they are gone they are gone and after they will be selling for £39.49 afterwards. This starts very soon so read this and head straight on over there!

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