mBlox Entrust simplifying payments over mobile and tablet devices

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Today it was announced that mBlox, a leader in mobile consumer interaction and payments announced mBlox Entrust. A suite of mobile payment solutions for both in-app and mobile web payments that make paying for goods and services safer and easier to use.

mBlox entrust for apps will enable merchants to have check out solution based in the app to handle payments. Methods will include Visa and Mastercard as well as other popular local and international methods which will give consumers a much easier and safer way to pay for their goods.

Once the customer has registered with the service it will manage the choice of payment, deliver payment authorisation, provide a transaction summary and can send text message based alerts to notify the customer whether the payment has been successful or not. Sensitive consumer payment information will be stored in a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant storage system and is not accessible if your mobile device is lost or stolen.

mBlox will also launch the service for the the mobile web sector expanding the range and the value of goods that can easily be purchased with either a credit or debit card. The service will also offer SMS payments for digital goods offering their customers an alternatie way to pay. The SMS will also be used for recurring payments, the consumer being sent a SMS message to remind them that a payment is due along with a way to pay it.

“With more and more consumers using mobile phones and tablets for their shopping needs, merchants need to adapt and capitalise on this opportunity. If consumers have to continually enter lengthy payment details on the small screen of a tablet or smartphone, their shopping experience will be a frustrating one, and they will take their business elsewhere.”

Greg Collins
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