Bioware to change Mass Effect 3 story after leaks



If a game gets leaked before its release date it is usually bad news for the developer. But in the case of Mass Effect 3 it may possibly be a good thing.

The game due for release in March 2012 has been the subject of plenty of mistakes in its development. Firstly a demo version was released on Xbox Live to people previewing the autumn dashboard update. Then the game’s script was leaked online after a Russian website found a way to get their hands on it, revealing spoilers and details about the ending as well.

Both these instances have caused major discussions about the game between players, many voicing their opinions of the script and story lines. This has led to the development team editing some of the script and telling players that the script that was leaked should be ignored because it has now changed and was released out of context.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Bioware co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk said that the script is continually evolving.

“You edit it continually. It’s a living process to build a game and it’s also a living experience to play through it. You’re seeing the graphics, you’re seeing the choices, you’re seeing the characters. Words alone on a page, they’re not delivered in voice over, they’re not delivered in the interface, they’re not delivered as your character, with your choices up to that point imbuing them with meaning and purpose and identity, the emotion part of it.”

They did go on to say that the leaked script may not be such a bad thing if it gets gamers talking. “In the big picture, some more stories are generated around it and more interest in the game,” Muzyka said. “We’re really proud with how it’s shaping up. It’s going to be the best Mass Effect yet. It’s hard to say something like that having a positive benefit but if it gets more people to check out Mass Effect 3 that would be a positive benefit.”

A demo for the game is due for release in January with the full game coming to us March 6th 2012, so if you want to wait for the full story without any spoilers hide away until then to keep your ears safe.

Greg Collins
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