Half of all water damaged phones dropped in the toilet

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Water damage on a phone is a very common problem, where a small amount of moisture will enter the phone, usually through the charging port and causes issues. Alternatively water damaged can be caused by dropping it in the toilet.

A new study by a mobile phone comparison website found some worrying results that a third of phone owners in Britain have broken their phone through water damage. The most popular way was dropping it in the toilet, followed by dropping it in a drink, dropped in the shower or bath, dropped in washing up bowl and finally being put in the washing machine, I’m assuming with clothes.

It seems that people can’t grip their phones properly as most of the damage tends to happen through dropping; perhaps a universal design flaw? One that i found particularly interesting was dropping it in the shower or bath. Who takes their phone into the shower? I don’t think I have ever had that much of an important text or call come through that I would reply in the shower under a stream of running water.

Some other interesting results show that males are three times more likely to drop their phones in water than females. 86% of the the phones damaged with water were not insured.

Mark Owen founder of the company that ran the survey, GoodMobilePhones.co.uk commented, “I know mobile phone insurance can seem like an expensive addition to a monthly phone bill, but often it can be something really worth thinking about, especially if you are prone to being a bit clumsy! The majority of smart phones can be expensive to replace so it’s often worth the additional cost of insurance, but if you have recently broken your phone then there are some great deals to be had.”

Have you had a disastrous combination involving your phone or any other gadget and the technology killer that is water? Leave your best (or worst) experiences below in the comments.

Greg Collins
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  • Water damage can cause serious problems if not dealt with properly. We see a lot of water damaged iPhones especially in our repair center. We have built a good system for repairing water or other liquid damaged phones. Thanks for the write-up. We like the Shark picture!

  • Should save quite a lot on money when it comes to phones dropped in toilets. I can’t see them not being here before too long.

  • There’s a new group of phones coming out soon that are water proof up to 5 feet. They are already in Japan and in negotiations with carriers here in the US.

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