Elder Scrolls Skyrim midnight launch: Vikings invade Oxford Street

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Last night saw the release of one of the most eagerly anticipated game releases of this year. Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Many stores around the country where hosting midnight openings for the hordes of gamers itching to get their hands on the fantasy RPG that is being hailed as the best Elder Scrolls yet.

Fresh from the clean up of the Modern Warfare 3 midnight launch three days ago, staff and gamers alike joined in the spirit of the game many dressed in fancy dress from the adventure game.

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Some who had been queuing since wednesday morning finally got their hands on the game just after midnight. To keep themselves occupied through days of waiting, some found some cardboard from a local shop and fashioned weapons and armour to keep their spirits up.

The game features over 300 hours of gameplay with an intricate story and hundreds of side missions and weapons, this game is going to be responsible for a few relationships breaking down over this festive period; gamers glued to their TV’s fighting off wooly mammoths, giants and huge dragons, while their partners quietly packing their bags.

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