ATARI launch greatest hits app for android market

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Atari, one of the world’s leaders of interactive entertainment has announced the release of it’s greatest hits app for the android market.

The app has already been available for apple devices for a few months now, but today it will make its debut on all google devices. The App features 100 of the company’s all time classic games such as Asteroids and Missile Command.

Missile Command comes as a free incentive with other games starting at around 69p, or you can buy all 100 games at a discounted price so it isn’t going to cost you a lot to relive some of the greatest games of arcade history.

Other games include Centipede, Pong, Crystal Castles and Fatal Run. So next time you’re on the bus and there are kids blaring out loud tinny music from their MP3 players you can sit back and relax with an app that takes you back to a time when things seemed a lot simplier.

Greg Collins
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