Cardboard Radio; An environmental sound experience

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Cardboard Radio Pic 2 (Monsterstuff).jpg

There comes a time when we all go shopping for a new sound system or radio, its a bit of an overwhelming experience sometimes isn’t it? There are literally thousands of choices from hundreds of different companies. Sometimes you just want something nice and simple, that is where the cardboard radio fits in.

Sold by and designed by Christopher McNicholl the cardboard radio is one of the simplest FM radio and MP3 players on the market and looks set to be a perfect christmas present for that one hippy music loving friend we all have. The whole outer structure is made completely of card and is fully recyclable.

It comes with four AA batteries and an audio input cable, making this the perfect portable music system for any office or picnic, when the weather decides to sort itself out. The radio only costs £24.99 and is available right now from and is a great combination of environmentally friendly materials and technology.

Greg Collins
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