eBay launches pop up shop with QR code shopping. Is this the future for retail?


ebay-image.jpgBy Becca Caddy

Over the past few years we’ve seen QR codes everywhere, on food, clothes and even gravestones. Yes, we said gravestones.

Well this Christmas, we’ll be seeing hundreds of them on all kinds of clothes, gifts and furniture items, as online marketplace eBay intends to use them to make shopping even easier in its festive pop-up shop.

The brand is launching a new Christmas boutique in London at the beginning of December, which aims to give stressed shoppers the best of both worlds, the in-store browsing experience with the selection, deals and distinct lack of queuing we’ve become accustomed to online.

The new boutique will stock a range of items and each will have its own unique QR code. Shoppers then use their phones to scan these QR codes to buy without the fuss, queuing, tills and even bags, because once you’ve purchased something it’ll get delivered straight to your door. Goodbye awkward tube journey with 5,487,823 bags and no air!

eBay’s new shopping concept seems like a brilliant idea, it gives us peace of mind that the items we’re buying actually look good in real life and it’s popping up (sorry) just in time for Christmas. However, just like buying things with a store card sometimes doesn’t feel real, buying things by swiping your phone around like you’re a little kid playing shop might not seem real too, so be careful you don’t overdo it.

The store is open from the 1st to the 5th of December at 34 Dean Street, London, W1D 4PR.

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