Virgin Media to offer free Spotify 3G streaming?

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Thumbnail image for spotify header.jpgVirgin Media may be preparing a deal that would allow Spotify users on Virgin Mobile handsets to stream unlimited amounts of songs of 3G mobile data connections without incurring any costs, or using up any of a customers data allowance.

It’s a potentially massive move that would be very enticing for music fans. Spotify works great over 3G, more-or-less providing stutter-free playback of their massive catalogue on the fly. However, it’s a feature hamstrung by the fact that streaming songs can use large qauntities of data and prove costly. As an alternative, Spotify users have to download playlists over a Wi-Fi connection to ensure cost-free playback.

The Virgin Media deal would do away with this time consuming faffing.

If the rumours prove true, it could be another important step in the music streaming revolution, making the Spotify service ever-more accessible, and possible forcing the hand of other network providers to offer similar deals.

We’ll keep a close eye on this story as it develops.

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