iPhone 4S UK pre-orders go live: Prices, networks and contracts

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iPhone 4S pre-order deals go live today, and we thought we’d give a quick round-up of where you can grab the handset, and how much for.

There’s always a big pricing battle around the launch of new Apple smartphone hardware, with all the networks clamouring to grab your attention, so check below to see if there’s a deal for you with Apple’s new blower.


Direct from Apple, SIM-Free, you’re looking at £499 for the 16GB model, £599 for the 32GB model and £699 for the 64GB.

Pre-order from Apple by clicking here.


£46 a month on a 2 year contract with Vodafone grabs you a free iPhone 4S. The contract gives customers 1200 minutes, unlimited text messages and 750MB of data.

If 24 months sounds like a very long time to be tied to a contract, Vodafone offer a 12 month deal for £51 a month, selling the handset itself for £139. This contract also gives customers 1200 minutes, unlimited text messages and 750MB of data.

Remember, pre-ordering with Vodafone automatically sees £59 knocked off your November bill with them. Vodafone are also running a trade in scheme, giving £212 for an iPhone 4 and incrementally less for older iterations of Apple’s smartphone.

Pre-order from Vodafone by clicking here.


Keeping it simple, Orange offer the 16GB iPhone 4 for free on a £46 a month contract. for that you get 900 minutes, unlimited text messages and 1GB of data a month. If you’d rather the top-class 64GB model, you’ll have to cough up £99 alongside a 2-year, £61 a month contract.

Pre-order from Orange by clicking here.


It’s hit and miss with T-Mobile; they’re offering a free 16GB iPhone 4S on a £46 a month contract, much like Vodafone, with the same 1200 minutes, but drop the text message count down to 500, and only offer 750MB of data compared to the 1GB Orange are touting.

However, T-Mobile packages offer flexible booster options that let you choose everything from unlimted texts to unlimited landline calls or free T-Mobile-to-T-Mobile calls, so you may be able to shape the package to suit your needs.

Pre-order from T-Mobile by clicking here.

O2 and Three have both announced they will carry the handset, but as yet neither have it up for pre-order.

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