APP OF THE DAY: Mini-Monsters (iPad)

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mini-monsters.jpgIf you are even remotely entomophobic, look away now; you’re going to hate today’s App of the Day. If, like us however, you’re fascinated by the alien world of creepy crawlies and insects, you’re going to absolutely love Mini-Monsters for the iPad.

A photo library and reference guide put together by 3D4 Medical, Mini-Monsters contains over 500 snaps of ants, spiders, wasps and all manner of other insects for your browsing (dis)pleasure.

These aren’t regular snaps though. They’ve been taken using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) which means the insects in the photos appear to be the size of a bus. A bus suffering from gigantism.

Each image is also accompanied by a detailed scientific caption, meaning you can “oooo” and “aaaaah” along to the wondrous facts presented as well as scream in horror at our new insect overlords.

Very much worthy of a download, grab the iPad app by clicking here.

Also, if you like the looks of this, it’s well worth checking out last Friday’s App of the Day, Inside Nature’s Giants.

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