Xbox 360 Dashboard update to roll out in November

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The new-look Xbox 360 Dashboard UI will touch down on November 15th, according to a leaked internal PayPal email.

Members of the PayPal team (whose service can now be used to purchase Xbox Live points, Xbox Live subscriptions and on-demand game titles) will be among the first to test the new UI in its beta form in October.

The latest build of the Xbox 360 Dashboard uses a tile-based interface similar to that seen in Windows Phone 7 devices. More visually rich than previous builds of the Dashboard, tiles update dynamically, throwing up new content as it appears on the service. The new update will also allow for a greater number of gesture and voice controls through use of the Kinect sensor add-on.

The new Xbox Dashboard is also thought to look and work almost identically in Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 8 operating system.

Via: Slashgear

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