Samsung's WTF Galaxy Tab 10.1 add-on: the tablet-holding bike

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samsung-galaxy-tab-10-bike.jpgWe’ve seen some pretty outlandish tablet accessories in the form-factor’s relatively short lifespan, but this surely takes the biscuit. Take a look at the 14 Bike Co Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 bike.

A “custom made road bike and top of the range tablet holder”, it’s the Galaxy Tab add-on that you’ve always wanted without ever realising. Or at least we hope so, or Samsung/ 14 Bike Co are going to have a warehouse full of bikes with a weird clip on the frame to get rid of.

“Demonstrating the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s ‘lighter for performance’ ethos the Tab holder is designed by F1 manufacturers, is super light at 125g and is complete with a super strong premium finish,” read the press release.

“Accessible from the side, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 holder allows for the device to be used easily whilst on the move. Applications such as dashboards tracking mileage, route planners and repair instructions for punctures, can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace to enhance everyday cycling routes or more adventurous trips – a handy addition for any cyclist.”

Make sure you’re wearing a crash helmet if you plan on peeking between your legs at your Twitter feed while speeding around the velodrome on this thing.

Click here to send 14 Bike Co an email if you’re interested in more info.

Gerald Lynch
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