Spam Skype calls tricking users into virus downloads

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An automated Skype call has been plaguing users of the video calling service over the last few days, encouraging them to download a dubious anti-virus program in order to protect themselves from non-existant threats.

A computer-generated voice has been contacting users, stating that their systems are vulnerable before directing them to a website that asks for their personal details before charging them for a piece of mostly useless malware protection.

The voice messages in the automated calls say:

“Attention: this is an automated computer system alert. Your computer protection service is not active. To activate computer protection, and repair your computer, go to [LINK]”

“As more and more people become acquainted with the tricks used by internet scammers and cybercriminals, scammers are pressed to find new social engineering tricks in the hope of duping the unwary. Fake anti-virus or ‘scareware’ is an increasingly common example of this, and takes advantage of those worried enough to visit such dubious sites,” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.

“Personally, I wouldn’t want to trust any product which uses Skype spam techniques to advertise itself, and presents itself in such an underhand manner. Skype users need to be vigilant in their privacy settings to combat this, and unsolicited Skype calls can be stopped by amending privacy settings so that only users listed in your contacts can get in touch with you.”

Hit the video above to see the attack in action, courtesy of Naked Security. The guy gets pretty annoyed, so be ready for some strong language.

Gerald Lynch
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