Sky 3D adding some depth to the Horse of the Year Show this October

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Guy Williams - Richi Rich III (4) credit roberto cubeddu.JPGMoving on from two footed football tackles, Sky 3D are looking to add some depth to the 4-legged escapades of this year’s Horse of the Year Show. Covering the 8th and 9th of October at the event, Sky have lined up a few 3D specific surprises for the coverage.

As well as covering the Dressage and Puissance competitions, Sky has worked with event organisers to create a specially designed jump that will maximise the 3D experience, carefully lining up shots that emphasise depth and movement.

“We know from the experience of looking at other sports that it’s always good to have low angle shots with lots of images within the frame so that we get some nice 3D depth,” Robin Broomfield, Sky Sports’ 3D Technical Specialist, told Tech Digest.

“The camera positioning we already use for equestrian sports is already very low angles well suited to 3D shooting, so it’s just been a case of looking at what we already had and working with the director and producer to set up some spectacular shots of the horses and jumps. The distance between jumps and combination jumps in 2D tend to appear to look shorter than they actually are – in 3D you’ll be better be able to appreciate such depth.”

If all goes well, the Horse of the Year show could mark the first of many equestrian shows in Sky’s 3D catalogue.

“I’m hoping this will be the start of more equestrian 3D coverage for Sky; not just jumping but events from the racing calendar also. Horses are incredible, spectacular looking beasts and I think in 3D it will really come to life”, added Broomfield.

The event finale will be broadcast on the Sky 3D channel on Saturday October 8th at 8pm and Sunday October 9 at 8.30pm. It will also be simulcast in 2D on Sky Sports 4.

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Image Credit: Roberto Cubeddu

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