Google boost Android defences by buying 1000+ IBM patents

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When it comes to tech, industrial espionage takes a backseat to courtroom patent wrangles. Google claim their Android OS has been the target of a “hostile, organized campaign” from Apple and Microsoft, who are using their sizeable patent library to block Android growth at every turn.

As a defensive move, Google have now bought 1,023 patents from IBM in order to protect the OS against legal action.

Google have spent all summer making patent acquisitions. The buyout of Motorola’s mobile hardware arm also included some 17,000 patents as part of the $12.5 billion deal, while Google have also previously acquired 1,030 patents from IBM in the past.

Neither company have been keen to reveal the specific monetary details of the deal, nor the nature of the patents traded.

Via: Bloomberg

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  • I’d say good for Google, they need all they can get their hands on. Android is definitely a platform worth fighting for and Google also sees it that way, no wonder the OS is taking about half of the market. When you are on the top there is always the next big thing trying to step on your toes and knock you down. And remember GOOGLE IS THE UNDERDOG here with only a few years in the mobile business look where it is now. I have never seen a lot of things like this in my life except when Apple was about to become bankrupt in 1997 and then it reinvented itself in 2000’s. But not even Apple with its head start couldn’t dominate it like this. The funny thing is that they are the ones that started with this patent litigation era and now they are the one that are going to pay for it when its Google’s turn to attack back. No mercy, no surrender. Jeepers creepers good luck with Jesus.

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