Turn your iPad "up to 11" with new clip-on Logitech Tablet Speaker

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logitech-tablet-speaker-top.jpgThe iPad’s got a wealth of great music apps, from streaming songs through Spotify to creating your own tunes with Garageband. Problem is, its own built-in speakers aren’t much cop, producing at best a low-volume tinny sound that lacks any real bass-oomph.

Those looking to soup-up the sound of their Garageband recordings will wont to have a look at Logitech’s Tablet Speaker then. It clips onto the top of the iPad discretely, connecting to the 3.5mm headphone jack before giving your tablet’s audio credential’s a much needed kick up the backside.

Powered by a USB-rechargeable internal battery, it’s good for 8 hours of music playback per charge, meaning you wont have to lug around weighty batteries every time you want to take your tablet tunes on the go with you.

It’s billed as an iPad-specific speaker, and while the clip is likely designed to fit snugly with an iPad 2, there’s nothing to stop you using the 3.5mm connection to hook up all manner of tablets, smartphones and mp3 players too.

The Logitech Tablet Speaker is priced at £35 and is expected to go on sale by September.

Gerald Lynch
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