Mac OS X Lion thumb drive now on sale at a steep price

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Mac-OS-X-Lion-USB.pngApple’s latest OS update, Mac OS X Lion, touched down at a remarkable £21 last month, but was limited to in-store and Mac App Store download sales. The latter of which is fine if you’ve got a healthy web connection, but a nightmare if you’re stuck in the dial-up dark ages.

Thankfully then, Apple have now made OS X Lion available from their online store in a physical format via a USB thumb drive.

However, it looks like Apple will be penalising anyone who doesn’t go through their Mac App Store portal, charging £55 for the stick for those who haven’t tried their desktop digital store front.

Still, we say it’s at a steep price, but that initial £21 download price was a steal to begin with we guess.

Pick it up by clicking here.

Gerald Lynch
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