Recipero warn of stolen goods sales in the wake of UK riots

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rioters.jpgA sharp rise in the number of stolen goods being made available for sale has been noted by electronics history reporting company Recipero following the riots in London and the UK last week.

Recipero have seen the number of electronic items recorded with them reported stolen triple since the rioting began.

“Stolen items are appearing on auction sites and we advise everybody to approach purchasing these with extreme caution,” said Adrian Portlock managing director of Recipero.

“We have seen the number of stolen items recorded with us triple from two to six thousand every day since the riots in London and the rest of the UK began. We expect this number to continue rising as we learn more.”

Police are using the Police National Computer (PNC) and The UK National Property Register to check the history of these goods, the public too can check whether goods they buy have been acquired through nefarious means. IMEI or serial numbers can be checked at, giving the history of the item, allowing you to make sure you aren’t buying stolen goods.

Keep in mind that while stolen goods may seem like a bargain, you’re liable to be charged, fined and even imprisoned for handling stolen goods.

Just last week we spotted a suspect job-lot of iPhone 4 handsets hit Craigslist, before swiftly being removed by the site.

Gerald Lynch
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