Oasis's Noel Gallagher blames videogames for UK riots

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noel-gallagher.jpgEx-Oasis guitarist, singer and songwriter Noel Gallagher has waded into the argument surrounding what sparked the violent riots in London and across the UK last week. According to Gallagher, it’s all down to TV and videogames.

“We live in this age of violence–and I don’t care what other people say: Brutal TV and brutal videogames are a reason for this pointless violence as well,” Gallagher told Bang Showbiz.

“The people are immune to violence, they are used to it. And if they get caught they aren’t punished the right way. The prisons are already full? Then build new ones!”

Having been among a fair few rowdy Oasis crowds in my time, I’d say Gallagher’s old band did a fair job of inciting violence themselves. This coming from a man who regularly had onstage fights with his brother Liam.

It’s not the first time Gallagher has blamed games for violence, stating in 2008 that they were the root of a wave of knife crime.

He’s got a soft spot for Guitar Hero though, calling it “better than two goblins trying to fuck a donkey up the arse with a laser beam.”

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, Noel…

Via: NME

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