Are these the first spoils of the London Riots to be sold online?

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loot-iphone.jpgIf you live in England, and unless you have your head in the sand, you’ll be well aware that the last few days rioting up and down the country has lead to a fair amount of looting, not least of all from tech and mobile phone shops.

So when a job-lot of forty boxed, unopened, brand-spanking-new iPhone 4 handsets pop up for sale on the London-based arm of Craigslist, eyebrows should raise suspiciously.

The dubious seller is offering the handsets for £320 a piece, but “can sort out a discount if more than 3 are purchased.”

Apparently, every single one is on the O2 network. Perhaps from one of the O2 shops that got wrecked during the riots perhaps? Here’s hoping the authorities are on top of these sort of suspicious deals doing the rounds right now.

And if you’re foolish enough to buy into this sort of thing, you do so at your own risk; networks have the capacity to remotely brick stolen stock, making them unusable.

(Thanks to Rai for the spot!)

Gerald Lynch
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  • What they should do is note the phones that were stolen, wait until they are being used, then give police details of who is using them! As soon as police turn up, they’ll be sure to tell where they got it from! Especially if they’ll get nicked themselves

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