No PlayStation Vita until March 2011?!?!

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Sony-NGP.jpgWe shed a single, lonely tear as we crossed the PlayStation Vita off of our Christmas wish-list a little over a week ago following the news from Sony that its launch would be delayed. But we’d have thrown a full-on hissy fit had we known just how long we’re going to have to wait for Sony’s latest gaming handheld.

According to pre-order details from retailers Best Buy and Amazon, the Vita will not be in western gamers hands until the 30th March 2012, a full three months after Japanese gamers get their hands on the device.

Sony have yet to confirm the March release date, but when it’s all quiet from the manufacturers, more often than not the retailers already have the low down on availability.

Expect to see skyrocketing import prices in the run up to and weeks following Christmas, no doubt.

Via: GearFuse

Gerald Lynch
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