Tattoo enthusiast gets a QR code inked on his chest

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QR codes are becoming an ever more prevalent way for advertisers to offer interactive content to smartphone and tablet users. Featured alongside an advert, smartphone users with a QR reading app can be offered app downloads, video content and further info, just by simply scanning the black-and-white barcode-like squares.

So of course it was only a matter of time until a brand slapped a QR code onto a human being. But it takes some dedication to have a QR code tattooed permanently onto your skin.

But that’s just what French tattoo enthusiast Marco has had done. Teaming up with whiskey brand Ballantine, he’s had a QR code inked onto his chest, which when read by a QR reader on an iPhone, opens up a YouTube video animation that makes his tat come to life and sing.

So, if the price was right, would you get a techy advert tattooed onto your body? And if you had the chance to choose, what would your QR code activate?

Via: Cnet

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